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2in Wheel 4in Stem Nylon Garage Door Roller (Set of 10)

2in Wheel 4in Stem Nylon Garage Door Roller (Set of 10)
2in Wheel 4in Stem Nylon Garage Door Roller (Set of 10)
2in Wheel 4in Stem Nylon Garage Door Roller (Set of 10)
2in Wheel 4in Stem Nylon Garage Door Roller (Set of 10)
2in Wheel 4in Stem Nylon Garage Door Roller (Set of 10)
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Item# 10-ROLLER
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2in Wheel 4in Stem Nylon Garage Door Roller (Set of 10)
2in Wheel 4in Stem Nylon Garage Door Roller (Set of 10)
Product Description
A Quantity of 10 -- 11 Ball Nylon Garage Door Rollers

Shaft Length: approx 4"

Roller Diameter: 1.75" for 2" track

Shaft diameter: 7/16"

11 ball bearing rating: 75lbs per roller @ 50,000 cycles

2 Inch 11 / 13 Ball Nylon Garage Door Roller (4 Inch Stem) New Design vs Current Design

Please note: The old 13 ball roller was rated for max 75 lb load sections and 15,000 cycles.

The new 11 ball roller is also rated for max 75 lb sections but passed 50,000 cycles.

One key difference is the way the ball bearing race track is formed. The new wishbone design holds onto the tire a little better and helps keep the tire from coming loose thus improved performance. But, less ball bearings can fit into this new design.
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: I have metal rollers on my garage door and they are rather worn. I wanted to reduce the noise with nylon rollers and the price is supper reasonable at Northshore Commercial Door. by Don A 10/6/2017
COMMENT: all information that i have researched indicates that they are superior to other rollers by archie p 10/2/2017
QUESTION: why is the 10 roller set of the nylon rollers so much less than the steel rollers ? by None N 5/5/2017
ANSWER: Don't know. I've bought two sets, one for my garage and one for a friend's. They are much quieter and have the same durability or better than steel. by James S a
ANSWER: Steel is more expensive to machine and produce than nylon. Nylon is quieter than steel when raising or<br />lowering the door. by JAMES D a
QUESTION: I have a 18'2" x 7" metal door. It has 10 metal wore out rollers . I don't know weight of door . would you recommend these rollers? by Gary m 4/30/2015
ANSWER: Replaced both a double wide roller set and a single high rise set with these. Both door have functioned fine and the roller noise is less. I'm not sure about durability or life, but I would buy again to save on wear of track. by Michael P a
ANSWER: Yes they are much quieter than the old metal rollers and just as strong. by Don A a
ANSWER: Although I only have a 16' wide door, the rollers are very heavy duty and I'm sure they'd be fine for your 18' door. I really like the plastic rollers- very quiet. My previous were metal and quite noisy. by Don R a
ANSWER: Yes, these rollers will support the weight of your 18 foot door. by Leo N a
ANSWER: Yes, the nylon makes the door opening/closing a little bit quieter/smoother and the bearings are much better than my original metal rollers. I convinced my brother in law to switch to these too and he likes them also. by robert b a
ANSWER: As long as your door goes up and down evenly and is adjusted correctly these are good rollers. A longer stem roller could be needed at the to if track isn't adjusted correctly and there is a nerves gap between door and track at any point by james j a
ANSWER: I have had no problem with the same type of roller since I installed a set of them 1.5 years ago. However, I haven't found that opening or closing the door is noticeably quieter afterwards; but I suppose this must be because most of the noise comes from the other mechanical components of the opening/closing mechanism. by Erik K a
ANSWER: Yes,I replaced metal ones on a 16' door. These are better made and make the door movement much quieter. by John D a
ANSWER: Gary this set of rollers will work just fine I have the same type of door. by RON R a
STAFF ANSWER: yes those rollers should be fine for you. Just make sure you have a 4" stem on the current rollers. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Can I get the rollers without the stem? I need them for another use, and will be using a screw to attach the rollers to the apparatus.<br />Also, what is the width of the roller? <br />I need a roller that is 1.75" tall and .75" wide.<br /><br />Thank you by michael w 2/8/2015
ANSWER: Hi Michael I hope that I will be able to help.<br />The width of the roller is 0.448".<br />The roller is 1.796" tall. by Herbert W a
ANSWER: No the stem and roller come as one part. by Xao V a
ANSWER: Not to be a wise guy about this. Coming from a 35 year Automotive Master Tech that bought garage door parts here for just that purpose to fix our garage doors. You need to get a hold of a bearing company or an industrial supply. These rollers are for fixing blown out garage door rollers and that is it. No screw holes to attach to something else. They are made to replace "Garage Door Track Rollers" and that is it. They cannot be adapted for other uses without destroying them. by Tom T a
ANSWER: I don't think these fit your application, but a plain roller of this type might. Check out bearing wheels and see if you can find only the part you need. I believe these shafts are upset on the end to capture the wheel. by Michael P a
STAFF ANSWER: The dimensions of the roller are perfect for you. We do not sell them with out the stem though. by Matthew O a
REPLY: If I were to drill out the stems, how wide is the interior diameter where that part of the stem is ie: what size bolt would fit?<br />Thanks by michael w r
QUESTION: my roller diameter is 1.805 4" long shaft and .440 diameter and i would like to replace them with nylon rollers? by azard a 2/6/2015
STAFF ANSWER: The advice James gave you is correct. These should work great for you. by Matthew O a
ANSWER: Those are standard residential size rollers. They should work fine for you and the nylon will be nice and quiet by james j a
REPLY: Thank you James , i have a second question do you think this is the correct size for a 17' steel door by azard a r
REPLY: Yes they are fine but be very careful when replacing the bottom rollers. The tension on the door is at that point. Watch the video the other guy suggested for information on that by james j r
ANSWER: yes the actual size is 1.805 4" shaft if you are referring .440 to be the thickness of the roller I see no reason why they would not work for your application. I'm very happy with my set of rollers. Check youtube on how to install them one at a time, very easy takes you about 30 minutes. Good Luck by RON R a