Slick It Garage Door and Weather Seal Lubricant

Eco-friendly product prevents freezing and cracking in weather seal on both side and bottom of garage door

Slick It Garage Door and Weather Seal Lubricant

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Slick It Garage Door and Weather Seal Lubricant
Slick It Garage Door and Weather Seal Lubricant
Product Description
North Shore Commercial Door is always looking for new and innovative products as they become available to the public. When we saw Slick It Garage Door Lubricant we were immediately interested in the product. The unique packaging makes application of the lubricant a breeze! The product comes in a 2.5 oz container similar to a deodorant stick. Just remove the cap, turn the dial at the bottom of the container, and apply the product.

This American made Lubricant is an all natural product which is designed to help your door run perfectly. In the winter you can apply this product to the bottom of your garage door weather seal and prevent your seal from getting frozen to the hard ground. Apply this product to the jamb seal on painted garage doors, and the seal will not get stuck again. Here at North Shore Commercial Door we are thrilled with this product, and we know you will be too!

Product Highlights:

Easily applied

American Made

All Natural

Prevents door from freezing to the ground.
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COMMENT: The existing weather seal froze to the garage door and cracked last winter during an ice storm. by Michael F 9/27/2017
COMMENT: Recommended by installer by Kenneth S 9/6/2017
QUESTION: Is this a petroleum based product, silicon, or something else? by Guest G 9/11/2016
ANSWER: Not really sure, The product has a very rudimentary label on it. Sorry by Shannon T a
ANSWER: Information regarding this product is very difficult to find.<br /><br />I seem to remember learning awhile ago that the <br />Slick It is polymer based. by John D a
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