Sommer 4078V001 Garage Door Opener Wireless Keypad - 310MHz

Sommer 4078V001 Garage Door Opener Wireless Keypad - 310MHz

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Item# 4078V001
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Sommer 4078V001 Garage Door Opener Wireless Keypad - 310MHz
Sommer 4078V001 Garage Door Opener Wireless Keypad - 310MHz
Product Description
The Sommer 4078V001 310MHz keyless entry allows you to open and close your Sommer garage door opener by simply entering your personal code.

In early 2013 Sommer phased out the 315MHz radio controls they had been utilizing. If your opener was built before 2013 you will need to order part # 4077V000.

Will work one Sommer garage door opener.

Extended battery life (approx. 10-Years)

Weather resistant

Attractive design with slide-up cover
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COMMENT: Needed easy access for maintenance man by George B 9/1/2017
COMMENT: needed a wireless door opener by bill t 8/22/2017
QUESTION: how many doors does this operate? by Lynn M 5/5/2017
ANSWER: I only have one door controller by this keypad by Roger D a
ANSWER: just 1, I don't think you can use a different code for another door. Works fine for the one though. by Kim R a
ANSWER: Just one. Each door has its own code. by Steve W a
ANSWER: One 1 by Ron R a
ANSWER: This keypad only works for one door. If you have multiple doors, you will need multiple keypads. I recommend getting the Telecody instead. The Telecody will work on multiple doors. by Thomas H a
QUESTION: Is this remote compatible with Model # 1065V000? <br />SOMMER Rolling Code Garage Door Opener.<br /> 310Mhz. <br />My remote has red buttons, but on back indicates 310mhz. So I'm a little confused as to accuracy of blue vs red buttons being 310 or 315. Home link has same info as you. Sommer wouldn't comment either way to me other than to go with what is indicated on back of remote. by Robert P 8/29/2016
ANSWER: I had the same problem...No it will not work. I was pretty disappointed in the customer service. I told them what I had. "I" ordered a 310 and a 315 remote. That is exactly what they shipped. Again it was my fault but one would think they would respond with a question indicating that was a problem. Ya my fault and a learning moment.<br />Harry by Harry G a
QUESTION: How do you remove the cover from the wireless opener on the door jamb? by Mike T 8/25/2016
ANSWER: The cover slides up to open, then down to close/cover the keypad. The garage door opener is excellent. It opens my heavy double wooden door after three other brand openers failed. by Douglas S a
ANSWER: I Think it snaps out. by Ram Ready Rudy R a
ANSWER: Not sure never tried it. Sorry by Paul K a
ANSWER: You just move the sides of the cover out a little bit and lift the cover straight up. Once you are past the initial notch it come right off. by Carlton L a
QUESTION: How do I change the battery? by Fred M 2/13/2016
ANSWER: The sliding cover has to be removed which exposes the 2 screws that mount the unit to the wall. When removed from the wall, you will now get to the battery ?. I have not had to change either one of my units batteries yet knock on wood !!! Lol good luck and be easy on the cover removal so you don't crack the cover in the process ....b by bill b a
REPLY: How do you remove the cover? by Clint B r
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