Sommer 2060 EVO+ 3/4HP Direct Drive Garage Door Opener S10256

Sommer 2060 EVO+ 3/4HP Direct Drive Garage Door Opener S10256

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Item# S10256
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Sommer 2060 EVO+ 3/4HP Direct Drive Garage Door Opener S10256
Sommer 2060 EVO+ 3/4HP Direct Drive Garage Door Opener S10256
Product Description


If you're looking for a garage door opener in a class of its own, get the Sommer 2060 EVO+ (Item# S10256), from North Shore Commercial Door! Featuring Direct Drive Technology, the 600 N, 3/4HP 24 Volt DC-motor glides smoothly and silently along a fixed chain. With virtually no vibrations, this is the perfect unit for homes with living spaces above or near the garage. The 2060 EVO+ is also incredibly durable and reliable. Because the traveling motor is directly attached to the door (instead of the back of the opener), there is only one moving part/steel sprocket. The intelligent design maximizes lifting force and minimizes wear and tear. That's why the EVO+ is backed by Sommer's Lifetime Warranty on the motor and 6-Year Warranty on parts.


  • Automatic learning process features a self-learning curve with continual adjustment
  • Optimal speed profile for quick opening and secure closing
  • Automatic optimization of door operation through direct entry of measured operating forces
  • Active braking for moving doors
  • Countless settings & options via the SOMlink APP 


  • Advanced object and force detection system
  • Automatic locking motor and counter-pressure feature
  • Secure 128-bit encryption radio control utilizing rolling code
  • Emergency release can be locked or unlocked in any position
  • Optional battery backup for emergency operation in the event of a power failure, sold separately (Item# S10523)
  • Optional locking magnet locks motor in any position, sold separately (Item# 1651)


  • Easy to install & setup
  • Virtually wear & maintenance free
  • Standard rail suitable for 7-ft. and 8-ft. door heights
  • Easy shortening or lengthening of the track is possible
  • Rail extensions available for 10-ft. (Item# S10868V003) and 12-ft. (Item# 1046V0002) doors
  • Removable carriage without track disassembly


One (1) Pearl Transmitter

  • 922 MHz Radio Frequency

One (1) Wired Wall Station

One (1) Safety Beam Kit

Sold Separately

  • Battery Backup Pack (Item# S10523)
  • Alarm/Warning Buzzer (Item# 7043)
  • Magnetic Lock (Item# 1651)
  • Humidity/Temperature Sensor (Item# 10371)
  • Additional Memory(Item# 10373)
  • Motion Sensor (Item# S10343)
  • Lumi LED Lighting Strip (Item# 7041)
  • Relay Control (Item# 7042)
  • 922MHz Wireless Keypad (Item# S10358)
  • 922MHz Radio Receiver (Item# S10698)
  • 922MHz Wireless Wall Button, White (Item# S11099-1)
  • 922MHz Wireless Wall Button, Gray (Item# S11099-2)
  • SOMlink Service Interface Module (Item# S10683)

Technical Information

  • Motor Power: 600 N (3/4HP)
  • Standard Door Height: 7-ft. and 8-ft. Doors
  • Overall Length: 140"
  • Max. Door Height w/Extensions: 23-ft.
  • Max. Travel Speed: 9.4 Inch/Sec
  • Power Consumption (Standby): <1 W
  • Number of Programmable Remote Buttons: 40
  • Connection for Warning Light: Yes (DC 24 V/25 W)
  • Radio Frequency: 922.5 MHz
  • HomeLink Compatible: Yes
  • Shipping Weight: 28.2-lbs. 
  • Shipping Dimensions: 44.5" x 7.5" x 5.0"
  • Connection for Safety Edge: Yes
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