Steel Craft

Canadian garage-door product company Steel Craft is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and Steel Craft Garage Door openers and Steel Craft garage door parts are available at North Shore Commercial Door.

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Steel-Craft is continually investing in research and development to meet the changing needs of the market. Steel Craft has its own test facility to assess its products against stringent industry standards. All research and development, engineering, design and administration is done under one roof at the head office location. All Steel Craft products offer excellent basic design, careful workmanship and superior materials. Steel Craft products are engineered by technicians who work exclusively on door applications and are experts in meeting and exceeding any construction specifications. A 325,000-plus-square-foot production facility houses Steel Craft's research and development, design, engineering and administration departments. All Steel Craft products are built to the highest engineering standards with the best quality construction materials available.