Ultra Rubber Garage Door T-End Tube Bottom Rubber Weather Seal

Ultra Rubber Garage Door T-End Tube Bottom Rubber Weather Seal

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Ultra Rubber Garage Door T-End Tube Bottom Rubber Weather Seal
Ultra Rubber Garage Door T-End Tube Bottom Rubber Weather Seal
Product Description
North Shore Commercial Door is your go-to place for garage weather seals. The Ultra Rubber Garage Door T-End Tube Bottom Rubber Weather Seal is ideal for people who would like to keep the elements at bay with a flexible, high-performance rubber seal. This seal is specially designed with a pressurized tube. Such a tube will prevent the seal from flattening to create a better fit than other garage door seals. The tube measures one inch with .25 inch T-end rubber. Advantages of this weather seal are:
  • Easy conformity whether the floor is even or uneven.
  • Two rubber end plugs are included to place on both ends once the strip has been installed.
  • Easy installation.
  • Usable with conventional or pneumatic door bottoms.
  • Fits any garage door with the proper retainer.
A weather seal is economical, easy to install and can help reduce heating costs. When searching for a garage weather seal, look no further than North Shore Commercial Door. Our knowledgeable staff will answer all your questions by phone or online. We ship anywhere in the U.S. and will even ship internationally. In business for over 35 years, we have the experience to help you with your garage door needs. Check out the Ultra Rubber Garage Door T-End Tube Bottom Rubber Weather Seal today.

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COMMENT: The rubber weather seal on my old aluminum door is badly worn. I like the reasonable price and design of this weather seal. by Don A 10/6/2017
COMMENT: Hope it works on uneven floor by Tom S 10/3/2017
QUESTION: My shop door is 8 foot long and 1 5/8" thick. Will this seal work? I heard you mention that this is for a 2" thick door, so I just wanted to be safe before ordering. I bought a threshold from your company a while back and it works great! Thanks so much for your help and outstanding service. by Rodney L 3/22/2017
STAFF ANSWER: This would work as long as your track has two 1/4 inch T's this can slide into. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: can we purchase this product in the uk? by None N 10/28/2016
STAFF ANSWER: No we do not but we ship to the uk ! by Taylor M a
QUESTION: easy steps for installing rubber seal on bottom of door ? by carl y 2/6/2016
ANSWER: I had difficulties putting mine in and had to be creative! I found that spraying the strip with WD-40 spray groove on bottom of door panel and the rubber T - both sides gave enough slip to slide the seal down the door panel. Think that dish washing liquid would also work, and just clean with hose when done, but WD-40 works well, doesn't hurt the rubber, and no clean up might be its appeal. Hope this helps? Regards, Mark by Mark C a
ANSWER: Use a squirt bottle full of water and a little dishwashing soap to keep the seal and bottom of the door wet and slick while installing. by Dallas M a
ANSWER: use a liquid on both sides of the rubber @ the T and the rubber should slide in easily. by KEVIN N a
ANSWER: Yes, once you mount the aluminum track to the bottom of the door the rubber seal slides right into the track. by George E a
ANSWER: Yes, it's very easy to install. No tools required. Just remove the old rubber seal, clean the track and install your new Ultra Rubber T-end tube seal. Mission accomplished. by Girolamo G a
ANSWER: take out the old seal , clean track and install the new seal. cut to fit and install the plugs. great product/ by Graham W a
QUESTION: Does this door seal come with or without the metal mount bracket? by William R 12/2/2015
ANSWER: The door seal comes without the mounting bracket.<br />The kit includes the mounting bracket!<br />Notice the key emphasis is KIT! by Walt K a
ANSWER: Yes it comes with mounting bracket .all but rubber end caps to keep out water from entering the rubber it's self. by wiilam m a
ANSWER: No, it does not come with the metal mount bracket. by David F a
STAFF ANSWER: you can buy this one and its just the seal then you can get the metal if you type ultra kit ! by Taylor M a