Wayne Dalton Torque Master PLUS Spring Hardware Conversion Kit

Wayne Dalton Torque Master PLUS Spring Hardware Conversion Kit

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Wayne Dalton Torque Master PLUS Spring Hardware Conversion Kit
Wayne Dalton Torque Master PLUS Spring Hardware Conversion Kit
Product Description
Are you looking to replace your old Torque Master One spring, but have had trouble finding where to order them? Don’t sweat it! North Shore Commercial Door is here to help get your garage door back in working condition! The difficulties you had trying to find a replacement are due to Wayne Dalton discontinuing the Torque Master One Product Line. Instead, customers will have to purchase a Torque Master PLUS Conversion Kit.

Even if you can find your Torque Master one replacement spring, it is still a great idea to upgrade your set up to the newly redesigned Torque Master PLUS. The revised set up is a perfected version of the already wonderful Torque Master 1. Wayne Dalton has made the process easier by simplifying some of the components. This makes installation of the set up even easier for the end user.

During this process, Wayne Dalton found higher quality materials to use in the manufacturing process. This allowed Wayne Dalton to produce springs that will not only last longer, but are more reliable during use. The old spring ends had splines that easily stripped out the softer areas of the parts. This was such an issue that Wayne Dalton had to phase out the old kits (Models 279167 and 279168). The New Torque Master PLUS Springs feature a hexagon shaped winding end. This design creates a tighter fit and reduces the chances of the winding components being stripped prematurely.

It is important to mention that this kit is only to be used with the Wayne Dalton Torque Master PLUS Springs. If your door does not have Torque Master PLUS springs, be sure to buy them prior to purchasing this kit.

These kits are easy to figure out because North Shore Commercial Doors’ development team has done the hard work for you and simplified the ordering process! In order to place an order for a Torque Master PLUS Conversion kit, customers need to know the Track Radius , and the Track Style. NOT SURE HOW TO DETERMINE THOSE SPECS? SEE BELOW FOR INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO DETERMINE YOUR TRACK RADIUS

Determining the Track Radius
The Track radius is determined by measuring the curved portion of the Horizontal track called the Radius Track. Measuring the Track Radius is simple, customers just need to follow the step by step process listed below:

  1. Place a level at the area where the Radius track and the Vertical Track meet.
  2. Holding the level steady, use a tape measure or ruler to measure the distance from the bottom of the Horizontal Track, to the bottom of the level.
  3. Record the measurements, which usually come out to be 12, or 15 inches
  4. Choose your Radius Size in the drop down box above

Determining the Track Style
Determining your track style is more of a visual task. There are two different styles of track Quick Install (Q.I.), and Fully Adjustable Track (F.A.T.) . The Quick Install style tracks assemble by connecting tabs, and can be identified by the end of the flag angle. If your Flag angle has a more square end with two square holes in it, your track is the Quick Install Track style.

The Fully Adjustable Track has a longer Flag Angle end that is almost rectangular in shape. The area where the Flag Angle connects to the track is slotted, rather than square. The angle is also secured by bolts rather than connecting tabs.

Product Highlights:
• Need to know the Track Radius, and Track Style prior to purchase
• Only for Wayne Dalton Torque Master PLUS springs

Package Includes:
Wayne Dalton 320217 / 321800 Torquemaster Cable & Drum Assembly
Wayne Dalton 333074 Double Spring Bracket End Assembly
• Flag Brackets
• Mounting Hardware
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COMMENT: I hope there right !!! by Tim B 9/9/2017
COMMENT: need them by Beckey G 8/1/2017
QUESTION: Does this kit include center bracket as shown in photo? by None N 8/3/2016
ANSWER: Yes this kit includes a center bracket. by Barry M a
ANSWER: Yes, mine did. I didn't use it since this was replacing an existing opener and the original center bracket was the same. by Leland D a
ANSWER: Yes, you get exactly what you see in the picture. by Peter P a
ANSWER: yes it comes with a new center mounting bracket by Paul C a
QUESTION: what do I need to upgrade my door to the torque master plus spring system ? by Cleon T 2/22/2016
STAFF ANSWER: You need a torque master plus spring and this conversion kit. by Taylor M a
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