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Wood Garage Door Bottom Seal Nails

Wood Garage Door Bottom Seal Nails
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Item# WD-N1
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Wood Garage Door Bottom Seal Nails
Wood Garage Door Bottom Seal Nails
Product Description
Wood Garage Door Bottom Seal Nails Domed Cap

• 7/8" long

• Large domes caps are securely joined to sturdy ring shanks

• Sold per piece (if you want 10 add 10 into the cart)
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COMMENT: Needed to attach Garage Door Bottom Seal Weather Stripping by Scott C 4/19/2017
COMMENT: not available at local hardware by peter t 3/1/2017
QUESTION: I bought one of your P1364-02-A Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal Replacement Kits. Will theses wood garage door bottom seal nails work to attach the P1364-02-A to the bottom not side attachment through vertical plastic piece of a wood door? I'm wondering if the caps on these nails are bigger than the space between the two groves where the rubber strip slides in running the length of the P1364-02-A. I want to confirm that the nail caps will fit between the two grooves before I buy the nails. by Tom T 9/16/2014
STAFF ANSWER: No , use the "Retainer Screws" that we offer online. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: how many required for 18 ft door ? by Kenneth S 11/11/2013
ANSWER: I used 32. Seemed to eirk at just over 6" spacing. by Scott C a
ANSWER: I would suggest positioning nails every 15 to 16" and having 2 nails within 2 to 3" of each other at the ends. by William S a
STAFF ANSWER: One every foot or foot and a half. by Matthew O a