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Security Brands 18-011 69in Direct Burial Gooseneck Pedestal

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Introducing the 18-011 Security Brands Pedestal with Auto-Height Adjustment – Your Ultimate Solution for Durable and Flexible Mounting, proudly brought to you by North Shore Commercial Door.

When it comes to safeguarding your equipment and maintaining a secure environment, the 18-011 Security Brands Pedestal, available through North Shore Commercial Door, is the epitome of reliability and adaptability. Engineered to endure the toughest conditions, this pedestal offers a steadfast support system for various applications while ensuring ease of use and installation.

Key Features:

  1. Auto-Height Mount: The 18-011 Pedestal, exclusively offered by North Shore Commercial Door, boasts an innovative auto-height mount feature, precisely positioned at 69 inches from the base of the pedestal body. This automatic adjustment capability ensures seamless alignment with your requirements, reducing the need for manual adjustments and enhancing the overall user experience.

  2. Extended Gooseneck Reach: With a 12-inch gooseneck reach, this pedestal provides the flexibility to position your equipment optimally. Whether you're securing surveillance cameras, access control systems, or other devices, the extended gooseneck allows for strategic placement, enabling you to capture the best angles and viewpoints.

  3. Robust Powder-Coated Construction: Crafted to endure the rigors of outdoor environments, the 18-011 Pedestal features a 12-gauge powder-coated mounting plate and a 14-gauge powder-coated pedestal body. This robust construction not only ensures longevity but also guards against corrosion, ensuring that your investment remains protected over the long haul.

  4. Customizable Height Placement: Tailoring the pedestal's height to your specific needs is a breeze. The 18-011 Pedestal can be easily positioned in the ground at the exact height required for your application. This flexibility ensures that you can achieve the ideal vantage point for your equipment, enhancing its effectiveness and maximizing its potential.

Versatile, sturdy, and designed to adapt, the 18-011 Security Brands Pedestal with Auto-Height Adjustment, available through North Shore Commercial Door, is the ultimate solution for various security and surveillance needs. Whether in industrial settings, commercial spaces, or residential areas, this pedestal guarantees dependable support and seamless integration, making it an indispensable asset for your security infrastructure.

Invest in the future of security mounting with the 18-011 Security Brands Pedestal from North Shore Commercial Door – where durability meets innovation to deliver unparalleled performance.