Proximity Access Cards & Key Fobs

Proximity access cards and key fobs sold in economical bulk-buy lots at North Shore Commercial Door will control access to gates, doors and other entryways at commercial or residential properties. We have Security Brands SecuraKey reader key fobs that will allow each user access when held within an inch of a keyless entry reader.

We carry one-button and two-button gate opener remote control transmitters by RCS (Remote Control Solutions). Shop our line of durable, affordable Transmitter Solutions proximity access cards that are compatible with HID card readers.

Do you need an extra layer of security? We have specially engineered LiftMaster interface cards that can integrate a secondary photo-eye sensor or other access control accessory. Save on 50-piece packs of compact access proximity cards or colorful key fob remotes. Some small remotes are conveniently sized to clip onto a work badge, keychain or lanyard. We ship the next business day upon receipt of most orders.