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LED-Illuminated Garage Door Safety Lighting Kits DSK

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North Shore Commercial Door is your one-stop shop for advanced DSK LED-Illuminated Garage Door Safety Kits. DSK Safety Kits feature easy-to-install, brightly colored LED light strips to attach to the driver’s side of commercial door frames. These functional light strips are available to order as single or double-sided kits (for back-in stations) in 5-ft., 10-ft., 15-ft., and 20-ft. strip lengths. DSK LED Light Strips can also be epoxyed into the floor for a bold truck-backing guide. DSK Safety Kits are suitable for most commercial & industrial applications including shipping & receiving, warehouse, fire station, emergency room, sally port, parking garage, etc. The LEDs are connected to a patent-pending LED controller that integrates with most photo-eyes or laser curtains.

This highly cost-effective safety enhancement can reduce commercial door incidents and save you thousands of dollars in repair costs. LED-Illuminated Garage Door Safety Kits feature user-configurable, bright LED strips that intelligently change colors for a multitude of alerts, such as:

  • Solid red when the door is closed
  • Flash red when in motion or loses power
  • Solid green when fully open
  • Flash white if safety eye fails
  • Can also display any color


The DSK Door Safety Kit is available to order in a variety of siding & length options. Price varies by siding & length. To place your order, please select one of the following options from the Siding/Length drop-down menu above and please also choose a retainer style (see photos)

  • DSK5-102-0021 Door Safety Kit, Single Sided, 5 Ft
  • DSK5-2-102-0022 Door Safety Kit,Double-Sided, 5 Ft
  • DSK10-102-0023 Door Safety Kit, Single Sided, 10 Ft
  • DSK10-2-102-0024 Door Safety Kit, Double-Sided, 10 Ft
  • DSK15-102-0025 Door Door Safety Kit, Single Sided, 15 Ft
  • DSK15-2-102-0026 Door Safety Kit, Double-Sided, 15 Ft
  • DSK20-102-0027 Door Safety Kit, Single Sided, 20 Ft
  • DSK20-2-102-0028 Door Safety Kit, Double-Sided, 20 Ft
  • Retainer Styles
  • 102-0034---90 Degree
  • 102-0035---Dual-Flange
  • 102-0035---Sinlge-Flange
  • 102-0053---45 Degree
  • Alternative SKUs: DSK10, DSK10-102-0023, DSK-102-0021, DSK-102-0022, DSK-102-0023, DSK-102-0024, DSK-102-0025, DSK-102-0026, DSK-102-0027, DSK-102-0028 
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