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LED Illuminated Garage Door Safety Kits

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Introducing North Shore Commercial Door's cutting-edge LED-Illuminated Garage Door Safety Kits – the ultimate safety solution for commercial door systems. Our advanced kits feature brightly colored LED light strips meticulously designed to enhance safety and visibility on the drivers' side of commercial door frames.

What sets North Shore Commercial Door apart is our commitment to innovation. The LED strips in our Safety Kits are seamlessly connected to a state-of-the-art LED controller, boasting a patent-pending design that effortlessly integrates with most photo-eyes or laser curtains. This groundbreaking technology ensures a reliable and cost-effective safety enhancement, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Installation is a breeze with North Shore Commercial Door's user-friendly LED-Illuminated Garage Door Safety Kits. The bright LED strips not only prioritize safety but also offer intelligent color-changing features that are entirely configurable by the user:

  • Red when the door is closed

  • Flash red during motion or power loss

  • Solid green when fully open

  • Flash white if the safety eye fails

But that's not all – our LED controller is versatile enough to display any color you desire, giving you the flexibility to customize the visual cues based on your specific needs.

Elevate the safety standards of your commercial door system with North Shore Commercial Door's LED-Illuminated Garage Door Safety Kits. Invest in a solution that not only enhances security but also demonstrates our unwavering commitment to cutting-edge technology and customer satisfaction. Choose North Shore Commercial Door for a safer, brighter, and more efficient commercial door experience.