Allstar 110554 MVP Open Close Stop Garage Door or Gate Receiver

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The Allstar 110554 MVP 3-channel open-close-stop garage door or gate receiver from North Shore Commercial Door is a 24-volt 318 MHz gate or garage door receiver. This one-door Allstar commercial garage door operator receiver is compatible with most open/close/stop commercial garage door operator or gate operator transmitters and MVP quick code transmitters.

Compatible transmitters include Allstar, Allister and Pulsar dip switch transmitters and MVP quick-code remotes. With its quick-code platform, the 8-wire Allstar 110554 MVP garage door opener receiver can accept up to 8 different OCS transmitter codes. A whip antenna and external antenna connector is included.

Product Highlights:

  • 110554
  • For commercial garage door openers
  • 3 channels, 3 relay outputs
  • Full open-close-stop functionality via radio control transmitter
  • 8-wire operator connection
  • Compatible with Allstar, Allister, Pulsar dip switch commercial transmitters
  • Compatible with MVP quick code transmitters
  • Compatible with most other commercial open/close/stop operators
  • Quick code platform can accept up to 8 different OCS transmitter codes
  • 24V, 318 MHz
  • Whip antenna and external antenna connector included
  • Dimensions: 6.625" W x 3.625" H x 1375" D