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Featuring an LED for quartz control, the Albano T2 is suitable for a wide range of long-distance applications and has a 1500 feet operating range. Ideal for securing storage facilities, commercial garages and other large commercial spaces, the T2 Albano transmitter offers the convenience of controlling property access from centralized locations. The transmitter can also be used for residential driveway gates and detached garages.

Featuring two separate channels, the Albano remote provides the convenience of controlling two receivers. To provide easy programming and enhanced system security, the Albano transmitter features 13122 selectable, trinary codes. Simply set the remote's trinary dip switch positions to match the applicable receivers' codes to program your system. For optimal Albano transmitter performance, ensure your receiver's antenna is clear of interfering metal objects, such as metal siding, chain-link fences and foil insulation. The transmitter includes a 9V battery.
  • 1500 feet operation range
  • Two channels
  • Trinary coding with 13122 selectable codes
  • Includes 9V battery