Intercom Stations

If you are a business owner or someone in a private residence who prefers to speak with a visitor prior to allowing access into your location, an intercom station represents the ideal security solution. Security Brands, formerly American Access Systems (AAS), is a leader in access entry solutions and their line of products includes intercom stations. In addition to security access, these intercom stations can be used by the business owner to speak with employees throughout the business site. Voice quality is clear and these intercom systems allow for hands-free communication from the base to the intercom substations. Intercom systems are not only for commercial businesses as some larger private residences also feature intercoms.

One of the many great features about these Security Brands intercoms is that you can use the intercom to speak to one station, two stations or all stations on the system. For example, if you have an intercom station in the kitchen of your residence and you want to tell your children located in the bedroom that dinner is ready, you can reach them directly via the intercom without blasting the message across the house. If you are using the intercom at a business for access control, you can purchase a Security Brands intercom from North Shore Commercial Door that includes a selective door release. If you are interested in buying an intercom system but are not sure about the type that is best suited for your application, please feel free to contact our sales associates.