Automatic Technology-ATA

Automatic Technology America (ATA) is an Australian owned world leader in remote access systems for garage doors and gates. For many years known as ATA, the Automatic Technology brand is renowned for continuously improving remote access technology. Their world class engineering team have designed and released innovative access control technologies for over 30 years that have been adapted throughout the globe including Europe, South Africa, Asia and now starting in North America.

Design philosophy at Automatic Technology America (ATA) is SMART- SIMPLE – SECURE. Using in house designed SMART technologies, their products deliver outstanding reliability while being SIMPLE to use. To ensure SECURE access control, they have some of the same security measures as used by banks and government agencies to prevent unwanted access to your home or business. Automatic Technology recognizes the need for reliable access control to home and business owners. They understand that when a garage door or gate is unable to operate properly due to a fault, that exposes you to security and safety issues. That’s why hundreds of thousands of homes and business owners around the world trust Automatic Technology to perform.

With the motto, SMART, SIMPLE SECURE, Automatic Technology has established a company-owned and operated presence here in the US. North Shore Commercial Door is adding to our home and life selections, Automatic Technologies ultra rugged line of sheet door operators / openers. Instead of fumbling with a rusty lock, open your door with the press of a button. This is an exciting innovation and Northshore is glad to be one of the first US companies to offer this range of new and innovative products.