Automatic Technology EasyRoller

Automatic Technology's Dominator EasyRoller from North Shore Commercial Door is their flagship operator for rolling steel and roll-up doors. The EasyRoller is typically used in self-storage applications to open and close rolling steel doors weighing up to 210 pounds with its 600N DC motor. If you need the EasyRoller or any of its accessories, you’re in luck! They are all available in one convenient category from North Shore Commercial Door. Get everything you need for a complete and secure mini-warehouse or self-storage installation, including remote controls, wall buttons, battery backups, and more. 


The Automatic Technology’s 87618 Axle Extension Kit increases the side room to your mini-warehouse or self-storage door. The extension kit is designed for rolling steel doors with 1 inch and 1-1/4-inch axles and adds approximately 4-1/2-inches of side room, allowing additional axle space for a Dominator Sheet Door Operator to be installed. The Automatic Technology 69782 Auto Programmer lets you diagnose and keep a garage door operator in peak condition. You can accurately count opener cycles, review opener operation, and restore transmitters.  


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