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Battery Powered Touchless Actuator with 900-MHz Transmitter

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What's the difference between the MS51W and MS51 battery powered touchless actuator? The MS51W has a built in 900 MHz transmitter for specific project needs.

Introducing BEA's MS51W, a cutting-edge battery-powered touchless actuator designed to revolutionize door activation with its built-in 900 MHz wireless transmitter. This innovative solution not only simplifies installation by reducing wiring but also offers unparalleled flexibility in mounting options.

Experience extended battery life like never before, with the MS51W boasting an impressive three years of uninterrupted operation across diverse applications and environments. Stay informed about battery status effortlessly through intuitive LED alerts, ensuring easy and timely maintenance.

Engineered for reliability, the MS51W is equipped with features that guarantee optimal performance even in challenging conditions. From harsh lighting to cold weather climates, this touchless actuator delivers consistent results. Selectable immunity modes further enhance performance by mitigating environmental disturbances like rain, water spray, and snow.

BEA's MAGIC SWITCH® line sets the standard for germ-free door activation, promoting safer interactions, improved traffic flow, and enhanced accessibility without the need for physical contact. Elevate your space with a touchless solution that goes beyond functionality, offering a variety of popular design options, including accessibility artwork.

Upgrade to BEA's MS51W and embrace a new era of touchless door activation that prioritizes convenience, durability, and hygiene.