BEA Electric Strikes & Key Switches

North Shore Commercial Door is your premier source for high-quality BEA electric strikes and key switches. BEA is a trusted brand renowned for its reliable and innovative access control solutions. Whether you need electric strikes or key switches, North Shore carries a wide range of BEA products to meet your specific needs. BEA Electric Strikes, Keypads & Key Switches are ideal for integration into security systems requiring access or code control. They are durable, easy to install on a variety of applications, and aesthetically pleasing. 

BEA Combo Plates are constructed with durable stainless steel, are aesthetically pleasing, and are extremely easy to install. Combo Plates provide control and security at key access points within a building. This low-profile device combines a standard key switch with a jamb-style push plate to create a functional and effective access control station. Push plate and key switch can be used together or independently of one another. The Universal Keypad (Item #10KEYPADU) by BEA is a replacement for the discontinued Access Control Security Keypad (Item #10KEYPAD) by BEA. It is a reliable, affordable solution for your access control needs. It can be fully integrated into security systems with electromagnetic locks, electric strikes, and other equipment requiring on/off or momentary control inputs. 

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