BEA Loop Detectors

The BEA Matrix 1 family of vehicular movement loop detectors from North Shore Commercial Door includes single loop and double loop models in your choice of 12-24 VAC/VDC OR 110-120 VAC operating voltages.

We discount prices on these UL-listed induction loop detectors designed for industrial gate operators, doors and entry/exit barrier arms. These advanced-engineering ABS (automatic boost sensitivity) loop detectors offer pulse-on-entry and pulse-on-exit vehicular presence and movement detection.

BEA Matrix Sensor Options

For single loop vehicle detectors, order a BEA 10MATRIXIIS1224 (112-24 VAC/DC) or BEA 10MAtriXIIS110 (110-120 VAC) sensor. For double loop vehicle detectors, choose BEA 10MATIXDV1224 (12-24 VAC/DC) or BEA 10AMGRIXD110 (110-120 VAC) models.

These ABS loop detectors, enclosed in compact housings, have fail-safe open and close features, and adjustable presence detection time features. Use them for industrial parking barriers, automatic gate operators, motorized doors or other industrial vehicle entry/exist systems.

Vehicle Laser Sensors

The model BEA LZR-H100 wireless BEA motion/presence laser scanner from North Shore Commercial Door is designed for commercial gate operators and vehicle barrier arms. No concrete cutting is required to operate these UL-listed laser sensors, which can be used to detect vehicle movements at hotels, parking lots, sports centers and other locations with barrier arms. These scanners can also stop gates and barriers from closing on a vehicle already in the path of a gate or barrier arm.

The BEA LZR-H100 laser sensor system has four laser-based detection windows that allow for a 3D detection area to sense cars and activate gates or barrier arms. Built-in relays, in addition to activating open or close functions, can also be used to trigger a warning indication device. Please note that this system is compatible with DC power supplies only.

The sensor kit includes a bracket, hex key, screws, mounting template, reference point sticker, product manual and 30 ft. of cable. To adjust the sensor, use a BEA 10REMOTE universal remote control available from our collection of BEA sensors and accessories.

See our full line of BEA vehicle sensing systems and accessories. Our BEA brand accessories include the Matrix 10MATRIXHARN wire harness. This 6-ft. harness is designed to plug directly into the socket on the bottom of one of our Matrix loop detectors.