BEA Push Plates

BEA push plates from North Shore Commercial Door are ADA-compliant building access plates that are especially advantageous for visitors with limited mobility. We have push plates in assorted shapes and sizes from BEA that can easily be used with your automatic doors. They are attractively designed with clearly marked words and/or symbols. The BEA vestibule push plate kit includes a "push to open" push plate with handicap logo and two extra push plates that you can design with your own words, shape, text and graphics. Mounting boxes, transmitters, receivers and installation hardware are included with this BEA automatic door push plate vestibule kit. Order round, rectangular or square BEA automatic door push plates in the sizes you want with text only, graphics only or without text or graphics. We have BEA "push to open" and BEA "push to exit" push plates. These push plates are made with Grade 304 stainless steel engineered to resist corrosion and rust. Choose hard-wired or wireless-mount push plates. We carry a full line of BEA push plate enclosures, transmitters, receivers and other accessories.