BEA Photo Safety Beams

BEA’s Microcell Photo Safety Beams provide safety for automatic sliding door thresholds and swing door guiderails. The Microcell’s transmitter sends an infrared beam to a receiver that, when broken by a person, animal or object, deactivates the door until the infrared connection is restored. The self-contained system of beams can be integrated into any door-frame, mounted as low as 12 inches from the floor, fits easily into ½ inch pre-drilled holes and requires a single wire connection on each side for easy installation. The compact design makes them ideal for use with single or double pedestrian doors and other applications such as railways, security entrances, etc. All Microcell beam sets have a 3-foot to 15-foot detection range. BEA’s Microcell Photo Safety Beams are available in single or double beam kits that include a control box with 15-foot or 30-foot cable options. Single and double beam adapter kits that allow Microcell beams to replace Optex beams without running new cable are also available. A mounting bracket with flexible, UV resistant silicone beam holders is designed to bend, flex and return back to its original position upon impact to prevent damage to the Microcell system. The galvanized steel bracket can be installed perpendicular or parallel to the mounting surface. The flexible mounting bracket accessory is sold separately or as a package. Package options include bracket with a single beam Microcell kit, bracket with a single beam Microcell kit and Nema 4-rated weather-resistant housing or bracket with a double beam Microcell kit and Nema 4-rated weather-resistant housing. If you have any questions, can’t find the item you are looking for or need assistance placing your order, North Shore Commercial Door is here to help! Please contact our helpful support team by phone at 1-800-783-6112 or direct chat between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday. Or, send us your request any time via e-mail to