BEA Dual Technology Sensors

Monitor vehicle or pedestrian traffic (or both) using BEA dual technology motion and presence detection sensors for commercial building automatic doors, industrial doors, vehicular gates or off-door operations. These advanced-design sensors use microwave technology for motion detection and active infrared technology for presence detection.

IS40 versus IS40XL

BEA IS40 dual technology sensors are for normal to high-mount positioning (8 ft. to 16 ft.). IS40 XL sensors are for low-mount (6.5 ft. to 11.5 ft.) positioning. If you need another mounting option, order with an optional BEA 10HDBRACKET telescoping bracket.

Both are housed in NEMA 4-rated enclosures that can withstand harsh environments. Both meet UL, FCC and IP54 certification standards.

The BEA IXIO-DT1 dual technology sensor is ideal for interior industrial doors, vehicle gates and off-door automation Remote control programming enables quick and safe adjustments from the ground.

In addition to detecting vehicles or people, the BEA 101S40 IS40 can detect the presence and motion of industrial carts and other objects. You can program up to seven object target sizes to detect objects of various sizes.

Adjustable infrared immunity modes mitigate environmental disturbances such as subtle door vibrations, light, sun, rain and snow. BEA IS40 sensors are compatible with our BEA 10REMOTE remote control transmitters.

The BEA IS40XL for industrial environments can also track the presence and motion of vehicles, people, industrial carts and other objects. Six modes of detection filtering are available for microwave immunity, as well as pedestrian and parallel traffic rejection Adjustable infrared immunity modes can lessen the impact on the sensor of door vibrations, light, sun, rain and snow.

BEA Sliding Door, Vehicle Gate Sensors

Shop our line of BEA commercial or industrial sliding door sensors with or without cameras. The BEA IXIO-DT1 (without a camera) dual technology sensor is designed for commercial sliding doors, industrial doors, vehicle gates and off-door systems.

The BEA IX10-DT1 dual technology motion sensor complies with UL, FCC and IP54 certification standards, and it can be adjusted to meet ANSI compliance standards.

This BEA sensor has 10 microwave sensitivity settings, three infrared safety immunity settings and nine microwave activation immunity settings. With this equipment, you can track approaching versus departing pedestrian or vehicle traffic. Among its advantages are a menu-driven LCD and an on-board microprocessor

Our BEA IX10-DT1V (with camera) dual-technology microwave motion and infrared presence activation and safety sensors includes an NTSC (National Television Standards Committee)-compliant video surveillance camera. This camera offers high-quality footage of people entering and exiting a building.

This sensor is UL-certified, FCC-certified and IP54-certified. It has a wide-view camera that can track pedestrian traffic through automatic sliding doors. The camera can film 30 frames per second, and it integrates with existing building surveillance systems.

Four visible red alignment spots are projected on the ground to assist in precise IR curtain adjustments. This sensor can distinguish between entering and departing foot traffic.

On each BEA product page, you'll find links to downloadable product manuals that offer detailed lists of features, as well as installation guidelines. Read these before placing your order to select the best motion sensor solution for your business. If you have questions, call or email our staff for quick help.

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