The Genie Company Garage Accessories

The Genie Company has been an industry leader in garage operators and accessories for decades, and with so many products on the market, it can be difficult to know which is compatible with your unique garage setup. North Shore Commercial Door has been stocking quality products for decades, and we make finding the best Genie accessories on the market easy with our handy list below! From wall mounts to transmitters and everything in between, North Shore has genuine Genie accessories in stock for your convenience!

Is Genie a Good Brand? 

Genie is one of the most trusted garage door manufacturers on the market today. They've taken pride in being an industry leader in innovative technology, from creating the first mass-produced, radio-controlled residential garage door opener in the 50s, to the smart home technology it continues to improve upon today. Those looking for a new Genie opener or are curious about how their Genie opener ranks with other models can check out our handy Genie Garage Door Openers Comparison Guide Chart!

Available Genie Garage Door Opener Accessories

See the accessories North Shore Commercial carries from Genie below! 

Genie Remotes 


The 38501R is an affordable remote that is compatible with some of the most popular older Genie garage door openers, including Genie Intellicode. It’s easy for a DIY installation and prevents piracy of the radio signal that opens your garage door. For all other Genie Series Two and Series Three remotes, this remote works perfectly.

  • 1-Button Remote 
  • Intellicode® compatible 
  • Auto Seek Dual Frequency (315/390 MHz) 
  • Operates one door 


The Genie G3T-BX IntelliCode 3-Button Garage Door Opener Remote is compatible with all Genie IntelliCode and CodeDodger from 1997 to the present. It has an auto seek dual frequency of 315/390 MHz and operates up to three doors. 

  • 3-Button Remote 
  • Intellicode® 
  • Auto Seek Dual Frequency (315/390 MHz) 
  • Operates up to three doors


The Genie GM3T-BX Genie Master Universal Remote for garage doors works with Genie gated community receivers and Genie 912 Units. It has an auto seek dual frequency of 315/390 MHz and operates up to three doors as well as being Intellicode® & Fixed Code compatible. 

  • 3-Button Remote, GenieMaster™ 
  • Works with all Genie Gated Community Receivers 
  • Works with Genie 912 Units 
  • Intellicode® & Fixed Code Compatible (Genie only) 
  • Auto Seek Dual Frequency (315/390 MHz)

Wall Consoles & Push Buttons


The Genie 39902R Wireless Wall Console is a wall or flat-mount garage door opener transmitter with a delay open/close function and a one-touch operator light button. This simple console has light and delay buttons with ring-style LED activation and a programming display. It’s compatible with most Intellicode® openers made since 2013 except models 1022, 1024, 1042, 2022, 2024, 2027, and 2042. 

  • Wireless Wall Console 
  • Intellicode® 
  • Compatible with most Intellicode® openers since 2013 except models 1022, 1024, 1042, 2022, 2024, 2027, 2042 
  • Door, light and delayed movement buttons 
  • Optional Backlight


The Genie GBWX-B Deluxe Wall Console Series III 37222R is part of the Genie GBWX-BX wall console series and is a top remote. 

  • Series III, Multi-Function Wall Wired Console 
  • Sure-Lock™ button disables remote access 
  • Light Control Button


Operate your Genie garage door opener from inside your garage with the Genie Series II GWC-BX 29599S.S push-button garage wall station. This is a single push-button black wall station with an LED backlight for easier use at night. Instructions and hardware are included so you can easily mount the compact wall console to a side wall inside the garage and wire the station to your garage door opener. It's compatible with most Genie garage door operators and some Rhino models. 

  • Series II, Push Button Wall Station 
  • Can be purchased later as an add-on 
  • One large push button for easy operation 
  • LED light bulb (backlight) 
  • Contents: Push Button, Screws, Insulated Staples

Battery Backup


The Genie 41152R Battery Backup Console is a convenient power-console auxiliary for the Genie 6070H Residential Wall-Mount Garage Door Opener and the Genie 6170H-B Residential Wall Mount Garage Door Opener. It provides dependable operation to the base model and can serve as a replacement for a full-featured residential jackshaft operator. 

  • Battery Backup Unit for Wall Mount Opener 
  • LEDs light and tone sound with each proper 
  • Can be purchased later as an add-on accessory for any non-BBU Wall Mount opener 
  • Includes battery, battery box, mounting bracket, and connector harness

Safe-T Beam 


The Genie 27220R Garage Door Opener Safe-T Beam will keep you safe and in control of your garage doors. It uses a continual infrared beam to detect anyone in the beam's path, as well as a streamlined do-it-yourself installation process that is incredibly fast and easy. 

  • Safe-T-Beam System 
  • Backwards compatible with most Genie garage door openers with photo eye capabilities

Wall Mount Accessories 


Genie’s 41153R Aladdin Connect Control Board is a replacement/upgrade logic console-motherboard combo for the Genie Residential Wall-Mount Garage Door Opener. This control board is included with all Genie 6170H-B Residential Wall Mount Garage Door Openers and is an ideal upgrade for the Genie 6070H Residential Wall Mount. It conveniently mounts on top of a primary logic or electrical motherboard interface. 

  • Wi-Fi Upgrade Accessory for Wall Mount Opener 
  • Can be purchased later as an add-on accessory for any non-Wi-Fi Wall Mount opener 
  • Includes Wi-Fi board and connector harness


You can avoid jackshaft obstructions and lower your garage door operator with the Genie 40803R Alternate Mounting Kit. The assembly extends the distance between the jackshaft and the operator, allowing the operator to be lowered to avoid obstructions, low ceilings, and other installation difficulties. Its shaft collars create a secure fit between the operator and the jackshaft. The 40803R is an alternate mounting sprocket extension kit for the 6170H-B and 6070H Pro Series wall mount garage door operators. The Alternate Mounting Kit comes with everything needed to set up the extension unit, including quick and easy installation instructions, a chain, T-bracket, a 1-1/4-inch sprocket with collar and screws, a 1-inch sprocket with collar and screws, and a cover assembly. 

  • Alternate Mounting Kit for Wall Mount Opener 
  • Can be purchased later as an add-on accessory for any Wall Mount opener


The 37224R wireless keyless entry pads are compatible with all Genie Intellicode garage door openers and Overhead Door CodeDodger systems. Built to handle large amounts of use, these Genie GK-BX wireless keyless entry pads feature auto-seek dual frequency technology that automatically transmits in 315 and 390MHz to minimize potential frequency interference from consumer electronics or nearby government bases. It’s also perfect for individuals who have recently purchased a new home with a Genie garage door opener. You can install this wireless keyless entry pad and use a new password on the system to allow the old garage door opener hardware to work to your specifications. 

  • Lighted Wireless Keyless Entry Pad
  • Intellicode® 
  • AutoSeek Dual Frequency (315/390 MHz) 
  • Operates up to three doors


The 41249R Genie Universal Keypad works with almost all major brands on the market today. Easy to use, and quick to program, it provides end-users with feedback when operating the keypad. LED lights flash with each correct button press, and audible tones can be heard to confirm the keypad is working. Installing the keypad is a breeze, just use the provided screws to secure the keypad to the frame of the garage and you’re done! Powered by two triple-A batteries (AAA), the 41249R features easy battery access with a slide off-panel at the bottom. 

  • Universal Wireless Keyless Entry Pad 
  • Works with most popular brands of GDOs and receivers 
  • LEDs light and tones sound with each proper 
  • Operates up to three doors


The 37226R for the GK-BX wireless keypad keyless entry system allows you to easily change the look of the Genie keypad to a new color without using tools. These keypad covers are available in: 

  • White, part number 377226R 
  • Almond, part number 37226U 
  • Tan, part number 37226T 
  • Grey, part number 37226S 

The variety of colors allows you to match your keypad with the exterior color of the wall where you have the system mounted. For example, if your walls are grey, installing the grey keypad cover will result in a system that seamlessly integrates with its surroundings. The keypad will not stand out as though it was a late addition to the surroundings.

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