Garage Door Replacement Remote Controls FAQ for Buyers

Are Garage Door Remotes Universal?

Garage door manufacturers make their own replacement remotes for each model, but you can also find universal garage door remote controls that will work with all or most of the newer garage door models, regardless of the brand. However, not all universal remote controls will work with older models. Look for the manufacturer and model of your garage door, which is located on the motor unit. You'll need this information to ensure that the universal remote will work for your unit, and you'll also need it for programming. If you don't know the model number, so long as it's relatively new, it will likely be compatible with most universal garage door remotes. In addition to opening one or two garage doors, they can also turn on lights.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Garage Door Remote?

The price of a replacement garage door remote can vary, depending on the brand, model and functionality. They include basic Chamberlain and LiftMaster models ($20-30) and garage door openers with keyless entry keypads and security features ($35-40). Universal remotes can range from $20-45 and higher.

Can You Replace Just a Remote?

Yes. If your wireless garage door remote control is lost or stops working, it's very easy to replace it. First, look at the motor unit that's installed on your garage ceiling. That's where you should find the manufacturer and model number. The manufacturer of that garage door will have replacement remote controls available for most newer models as well as older models. If you can't find the manufacturer or the model number, so long as it's a newer garage door opener, a universal remote can be purchased instead of one that's designed for that specific brand and model. Most universal remotes will work with many or all garage door brands and models.

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