FAQs: Genie Garage Door Opener Parts

Garage door openers have tons of pieces that can be nearly impossible to find in stores or identify the part number of, but you don’t have to struggle with your Genie model alone. North Shore Commercial Door makes identifying and purchasing these crucial components of Genie openers easy for a price that won’t break the bank. North Shore has been in the industry for decades, and Genie has proven itself to be a reliable brand that offers a wide line of products. Whether you need to replace a part on your Genie opener or want to buy an entirely new model, you’ve come to the right place. 

Is Genie a Good Brand?

The Genie Company is one of the most trusted garage door manufacturers on the market today. Genie has taken pride in being an industry leader in innovative technology, from creating the first mass-produced, radio-controlled residential garage door opener in the 50s, to the smart home technology it continues to improve upon today. 

Where To Find Specific Genie Garage Door Opener Parts?

If you need a specific garage door opener replacement part to repair a Genie opener fear not, for North Shore Commercial Door offers a huge selection that’s easy to find with our exploded parts view. Just type your opener’s model number into our search bar or click here to locate it. From there, you can view our interactive diagram to find and purchase the specific part you need. The visual diagram is especially useful if you don’t know the particular part number of the piece you need replaced.

North Shore also carries all of the hardware and general service parts you’ll need to service Genie garage door opener systems, like the Genie PMX 500 Opener, Chain Glide Opener, Stealth Opener, Excelerator, AC Screw Drive Opener, ReliaG 600 Opener (chain or belt lift), ReliaG 800 Opener, Genie G Power 900 Opener, TriloG 1200 and 1500 Openers and IntelliG 1000 and 1200 Openers. We carry batteries, safety beam brackets, connector pigtails, universal remote controls, vibration isolators, light bulbs, couplers, and more hardware for Genie and other top garage door brands.

North Shore’s stock of Genie Universal Series garage door accessories is made to work with most major brand garage door openers. These universal accessories can be used to upgrade older model garage door openers or to add more options to a new garage door opener. Every Universal Series Accessory has multi-brand compatibility and can simplify your job by combining multiple accessories into one. Universal Accessories from North Shore Commercial Door include the 19614R Wall Button, the GUK-BK Genie Garage Door Opener Keypad, and the GU4T-BX Universal 4-Button Remote. 

How Long Do Genie Garage Door Opener’s Last? 

Once you’ve fixed your Genie Opener, you might be wondering how many years it has left? Genie openers typically last about 10-15 years, but many have gone on for longer, like this model installed in 1967!

When to Replace Your Garage Door Opener? 

When a garage door opener needs a part replaced or replaced in its entirety, it will often malfunction. If your motor begins making unusual sounds such as rattling, grinding, or squeaking during operation, it’s time to contact a technician or bust out the toolbox for a DIY fix. Another telltale sign it’s time for troubleshooting is operation issues. If you notice your garage door shaking while opening, getting stuck during operation, moving slowly, lifting unevenly, or only opening halfway before reversing, it’s crucial to identify the problem before the issue worsens.

What Are Good Genie Openers To Purchase? 

If your opener is particularly old when it needs to be repaired, it may be best to skip replacing individual parts and purchase a new opener to last you for years to come. Newer openers have many innovative features such as keyless entry options, Smart technology, sprockets, and battery backups for additional security.

North Shore Commercial Door offers a wide range of standard-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty Genie garage door openers for residential and commercial use, in addition to factory original receivers programmed with compatibility for IntelliCode transmitters. Genie Intellicode garage door openers like the Genie 6070H are compact, powerful garage door openers equipped with high-tech security to stop thieves, including Homelink and Car2U. These Ultra-quiet garage door openers at North Shore also come equipped with Genie Aladdin Connect, which connects smart devices like Google Assistant or Alexa. If you’re in need of a chain drive garage door opener, the Genie ChainMax (Model 3022-TV) is a solid choice with intelligent design, quiet performance, and maximum convenience. Those who value quiet belt drive motors will benefit from the SilentMax 1000 140V DC Residential Garage Door Opener.

Still Curious About Genie Garage Door Openers? 

Please ask! Our in-house experts can help you with all of your Genie door questions. Get in touch with our support crew: