How to Choose the Right Garage Door Remote or Keypad

If you're like many people, your garage door also doubles as your front door. That means you need a dependable remote control or keyless entry system that guarantees access to your home after a long day at work. Don't limit yourself to a remote or keypad that matches your garage door opener’s brand, North Shore Commercial Door has decades of experience in the garage door industry and we’ve picked out the best universal remotes and keypads that work with any opener. With North Shore, you can get the features you need regardless of the brand.

What Features Do You Need in A Garage Door Remote or Keypad?

The best garage door remote or keypad for you depends on your lifestyle and garage setup. If you have several doors to operate, a remote with a number of buttons corresponding to each door is a convenient option to save space. Those on the move can opt for a smaller remote that fits on a keychain or lanyard while others may prefer a standard handheld remote that stays in the car.

If carrying a remote around isn’t ideal, you can opt for a wall-mount wireless keypad! Keypads are typically mounted outside of the garage and allow family members to open your garage door. They require a security code to open the garage door and can act as an additional entry option if you lose your remote. Different keypads offer a range of features, such as a camera, night vision cameras, two-way audio, and personalized PINs for family members or guests. These custom PINs can be set up with scheduled access, allowing package delivery drivers and dog walkers to enter your garage when you need them to.

How To Replace Your Garage Door Opener Remote or Keypad

If your garage door opener remote or keypad stops working, it can be hard to find a good replacement that’s compatible with your current garage door opener’s brand. Luckily for homeowners, universal remotes will sync with your opener regardless of the brand or model. Genie and LiftMaster have designed universal remotes that work with garage door opener brands like Chamberlain, Craftsman, Guardian, Linear, Sommer, Stanley, Wayne-Dalton, and more so you can get the best remote regardless of your opener’s brand. Be sure to read the product’s compatibility to ensure your opener’s specific model will work with your remote or keypad.

What Are the Top Three Universal Remotes that are Compatible with Your Garage Door Opener?

While there are plenty of universal remotes on the market, here are a few we consider top quality!

1. Genie GU4T 4-Button Universal Remote

The Genie GU4T-BX 4-Button Universal Remote is a compact hand-held, keyring and visor clip opener that can open and close up to four different garage door operator and gate receiver devices in the 310 to 390 MHz spectrum. In addition to being compatible with multiple brands, this remote works for certain 9 & 12 DIP-switch settings with push-button-sequence programming that translates DIP-switch positions to GU4T-BX. It is easily programable with two-color LED programming indicators. 

Product Features: 

  • Opens/closes up to 4 garage doors
  • Secured cloning feature for existing transmitters 
  • Works with both learn button and DIP switch openers 
  • Comes with a fabric string keychain and visor clip

2. LiftMaster 380UT Universal Remote Transmitter

The 380UT is a two-button universal transmitter designed with a two-step programming process that's quicker and easier than the multi-step processes required for other remotes. This remote is equipped with Security+ rolling-code technology that improves safety by sending a unique code to your garage door opener with each click. 

Learn how to program the 380UT by watching our guide here! 

Product Features: 

  • Opens/closes up to two garage doors (even two different brands) 
  • Works with both learn button and DIP switch openers 
  • Compatible with LiftMaster’s myQ smart technology 
  • Comes with a visor clip

3. LiftMaster 374UT Universal Keychain Remote

The LiftMaster 374UT Universal Keychain Remote boasts a sleek and pocket-sized design that fits perfectly into your active lifestyle. Its programmable nature allows for effortless wireless programming, ensuring a quick and hassle-free connection to your garage door opener. Powered by a long-lasting replaceable lithium battery, this remote is built to stand the test of time. 

Product Features: 

  • Opens/closes up to two garage doors (even two different brands) 
  • Works with learn button openers 
  • Perfect size for putting on a keychain or lanyard

Best Universal Garage Keypads That Work with Your Garage Door Opener

Another way to ease entry into your garage (safely!) is to add a wireless keyless entry system. Installing a garage door keypad means you don't have to worry about bringing your remote on a walk or bike ride.

1. Genie GUK-BX Universal Keypad 

The Genie Universal Keypad works with almost all major brands on the market today. Easy to use, and quick to program, the GUK-BX provides end-users with feedback when operating. LED lights flash with each correct button press, and audible tones can be heard to confirm the keypad is working. Installing the keypad is a breeze, simply use the provided screws to secure the keypad to the garage frame and you’re done! Powered by two triple-A batteries (AAA), the 41249R features easy battery access with a slide off-panel at the bottom.

Product Features: 

  • Opens/closes up to three garage doors 
  • Works with both learn button and DIP switch openers 
  • Wireless (powered by two AAA batteries) 
  • Option to program temporary codes for guests and visitors

2. LiftMaster 387LM Universal Keyless Entry Garage Door Opener 

With the LiftMaster 387LM Universal Keyless Entry Garage Door System, you can experience the convenience of wireless operation powered by a single 9V battery included with each purchase. Come rain or shine, the weatherproof, slide-up protective cover will ensure lasting durability while its backlit keypad guarantees easy access even in low-light conditions. 

Product Features:

  • Opens/closes one garage door
  • Works with both learn button and DIP switch openers 
  • Wireless (powered by one 9-volt battery)

3. LiftMaster VKP1-LMMC MyQ Video Keypad

While not technically a universal remote, the myQ Smart Garage Video Keypad is compatible with a wide range of brands, including LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Craftsman, AccessMaster and Raynor garage door openers made after 1993. Enhance the security and convenience of your smart home with personalized access, visual confirmation, meaningful notifications, and easy installation. This video keypad is the perfect solution for those seeking a convenient and secure garage access experience. 

Product Features: 

  • Real-time notifications and history of when the garage has been accessed by members of the household
  • Easy to install! 
  • 160-degree field of view. 
  • Works in temperatures from -4 to 122 F

What Universal Garage Door Remote or Keypad is Best for You?

Still not sure which universal garage door remote or keypad is right for you? No problem! Reach out to North Shore Commercial Door about your opener goals, and our in-house experts will walk you through your options.