How To Give Your Garage a Makeover Without Breaking the Bank!

A garage does more than house your car—it’s a prominent part of your home’s aesthetic. While renovating the exterior of a home can be strenuous and expensive, your garage door can be quickly transformed with just a few inexpensive accessories. Read on to see North Shore’s array of hardware decals, window overlays, and weatherseals that will raise your garage door to the next level and leave your neighbors in envy.

Is a Garage Door Facelift Worth It?

North Shore’s array of inexpensive window overlays and accessories from Coach House and beyond make giving your garage a facelift affordable and economical. Improving the appearance of your garage can contribute to an increase in your home’s property value, as potential buyers often appreciate a well-maintained and attractive garage exterior. Installing one of North Shore’s colorful bottom seals will insulate your garage for better energy efficiency and energy savings over time. Finally, a garage door facelift’s pleasing appearance is sure to increase your satisfaction with your home and give guests an excellent first impression. There’s little reason to not turn your old garage door into an aesthetic highlight! See the difference below.