How to Pick Garage Door Weather Seal That Will Last

You don't want to go through the process of weather sealing your garage door only to do it all over again a few years later. But how do you pick a high-quality weather stripping when all the descriptions say things like "durable, long-lasting, and stands up to the elements.

What to Look for When Buying Garage Door Weather Stripping

As with most things on a house, weather seal has a builder-grade option and an upgraded option.

Bottom seals: Buy EPDM, not vinyl

The builder-grade garage door bottom seal is made from vinyl. Vinyl tends to crack in cold temperatures and stick in extreme heat. In comparison, EPDM rubber seals remain pliable regardless of the temperature (they can withstand temperatures from -50F to 300F). EPDM is rated excellent in weather resistance, ozone resistance and heat resistance.

Side/top seals: Buy vinyl, not rubber

For the top and sides of your garage door, upgrade from a rubber seal to a vinyl stop molding seal (also known as jamb seal). Rubber seals are flimsier and tend to warp over time. The vinyl should have both a flexible element (the fin) and a relatively rigid element (the part you nail to the side/top). Note the rigid section (black) and the flexible element (red) in the illustration below.

Coiled DuraSeal has enough flexibility to fit in a box, but not so much that it will warp when applied.

How flexible should the stop molding be? It's fine for the stop molding to be flexible enough to coil into a roll. This Coiled DuraSeal rolls into a shape that's convenient for shipping. But if the seal can be twisted into a spiral, it's too flexible and won't do a good job of sealing your door.

Remember to add a durable threshold

If you're upgrading from builder-grade weather seals, do yourself a favor and add a high-quality threshold seal. The combination of an EPDM bottom seal and an EPDM threshold creates a nearly impenetrable seal (Stormshield 2 Peel-N-Stick is an EPDM threshold that's perfect for DIY installation).

Where do you find these upgraded seal options?

The best place to find a superior weather seal is a garage door-focused retailer. Home improvement stores and Amazon typically sell builder-grade seals.

Need more information about choosing the best seal for the job?

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