How to Replace a Garage Door Opener Circuit Board

When it's thunderstorm season, your garage door opener circuit board and safety beams are at risk. Here's how to replace your circuit board after a power surge and stop it from happening again!

Control board not working?

Control panel, control board, logic board, PC board, mother board. Whatever you call it, a garage door circuit board is a computer that controls:

  • the open/close/stop function of the garage door motor,
  • the safety eyes mounted at the bottom,
  • the light bulb,
  • the push button on the wall, and
  • the radio transmitters.

Power surges put control boards at considerable risk. The most common cause for a power surge is a nearby lightning strike. If your garage door opener stops working after a thunderstorm, a surge probably fried the control board.

First, grab your instruction manual. There, you'll find test procedures to see if the problem is the circuit board or something else. If the board has failed, you'll need to buy a new one. (Just the safety beam? Buy a replacement.)

What to do when a power surge blows your control board.

You'll need to figure out what kind of a circuit board you have; don't buy one based on the look! Check the instruction manual for the part number. If it's not listed, examine the board itself (you'll typically fine it behind the light cover). There should be a label with the part number (can't figure it out? Give us a call.) Type the circuit board part number into the search bar above to find the board you need.

Buy a surge protector to safeguard your garage door circuit board.

Once you've replaced your circuit board or safety beams, protect it with a surge protector. A universal surge protector is an inexpensive way to protect your opener.

Need more help with your circuit board?

Please ask! Tell our in-house experts about your opener, and they'll make sure you get the right part.