Renovate Your Garage Door with Affordable DIY Decor

Your home’s exterior is what visitors and potential buyers see before anything else, so it’s crucial to leave a good first impression. If you’re tired of the neighbors giving your bland garage door the side-eye, Coach House Accents is here to save your reputation with their affordable and easy to install line of garage door decorative hardware and window overlays! North Shore Commercial Door carries Coach House’s full line of screw-in accessories like handles, strap hinges, faux windows and more! Read on to learn how to increase your curb appeal and make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

What Does “Curb Appeal” Mean?

Your home’s curb appeal is measured by how attractive it and its surroundings are when seen from the street. Garage doors are often visible from the curb, and a bare garage door with no accessories can be considered dull or even tacky, which lowers curb appeal. A garage that is stylized with decorative handles and windows, for example, will only compliment your property and make it more appealing to onlookers.

What are the Advantages of Having High Curb Appeal?

Elevating your curb appeal extends beyond merely leaving a positive impression on your neighbors—it has the power to enhance your property's value significantly. By investing in exterior aesthetics, you not only elevate the attractiveness of your home but also position it for a higher selling price. Increased property value may translate into reduced monthly mortgage insurance costs, offering potential long-term financial benefits.

Select Coach House Accents for Your Decorative Door Hardware!

Coach House Accents manufactures all of their products within the United States, so you can count on quality products that stand against the elements and look good while doing it! Going with Coach House Accents is also the green way to go, as the company is ISO 14001 standard certified, which is reserved for companies that work diligently to reduce their environmental footprint and use their resources efficiently.

Which Coach House Accent Products Are the Best?

North Shore offers a variety of quality Coach House products that are simple to install and can raise any door to new heights at affordable prices. While other decorative garage door hardware is backed with flimsy magnets that erode and lose their strength with time, the decorative parts from Coach House are made from high-quality metal that can be screwed into a garage door and stay fixed in place—even under high winds and other extreme weather.

Window Kits for Garage Doors

Garage door window overlays create the appearance of elegant windows without having to hire a professional to punch holes in your door and install framing. Choose between the Heritage and Signature styles, which are both compatible with many garage door models, including Wayne Dalton and Clopay. Each style features a highly reflective window area that looks real.

Coach House Window Overlays Protect Your Property and Privacy

If your garage is used to store valuable items like vintage cars or expensive equipment, having real windows can be a security risk if thieves want to peek inside and see what you have to steal. While you can buy paper and plastic covers to block off your window, they can look tacky and throw off your aesthetic. Coach House Accents gives you the best of both worlds with windows that offer an authentic look without leaving your property vulnerable.

If you’re on the fence between window overlays and getting real windows installed, consider that real windows may create natural air leakage that lets the outside temperature seep into your garage and raise your utility bill unnecessarily—so if your goal is to keep visibility into your garage to a minimum, window overlays are a cheaper investment upfront and long-term.

How Do I Install Coach House Decorative Window Overlays on My Garage Door?

Installation is an easy DIY project and only requires you to drill into the door panels. The hardware kits included in each order comes with rubber washers to seal the areas where drilling occurred. As a result, these garage window inserts won’t damage your door and discourages rust on the exposed metal.

Safety Meets Style with Window Overlays in Extreme Weather

Window overlays can also be a practical choice when dealing with extreme weather. Coach House makes their faux windows with automotive plastics, which can withstand hurricanes and high winds. In the event they are hit by flying debris, the plastic won’t shatter and cause a hazardous situation for you and your neighbors like glass window inserts would. If you're not satisfied with the colors we have available, fear not! The plastic material can be painted using latex or polyurethane-based finishes to make customization a breeze. Whether your door is in an area with natural disasters or in the line of fire of a baseball fanatic with terrible aim, Coach House Accent’s window overlays will serve you well.

Ornamental Garage Door Handles

Get a grip on upping curb appeal with our line of ornamental garage door handles! The Malleable Iron Lift Handle is a stylish handle coated with black powder while the Steel Jamestown Pull Handle offers a stamped design. Customers who want a regal exterior and a bold visual statement will be fans of the Malleable Iron Lion Head Knocker, and the included thru holes makes installation easy for anyone on the job. See our full offerings for styles of garage door hardware here!

It’s Time to Effortlessly Up Your Garage Aesthetic with North Shore!

Once you’ve made your property the envy of the block, why not protect your stylish garage by installing durable weather seals to keep dirt, debris and pests from getting inside? Also, be sure to stay on top of any potential garage issues by reading our Guide to Garage Door Maintenance.

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