Boss BHT4 / 2211-L (TX) Two Button Garage Door Remote Control Transmitter

Boss BHT4 / 2211-L (TX) Two Button Garage Door Remote Control Transmitter

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Item# BHT4DA
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Boss BHT4 / 2211-L (TX) Two Button Garage Door Remote Control Transmitter
Boss BHT4 / 2211-L (TX) Two Button Garage Door Remote Control Transmitter
Product Description
A high-quality replacement remote for the Guardian model 628 opener and compatible with Boss, Guardian, Centurian, and Lynx models manufactured after 2001, the Boss BHT4 / 2211-L (TX) transmitter features two channels and is also compatible with HomeLink in-vehicle technology. Ultra-secure, the Boss garage door remotes utilize billion-code technology to ensure a new code is sent with every transmission. Compact and conveniently designed, the remote can be attached to keychains or mounted on a visor with a saddle clip.Product Highlights:
  • Part Number: BHT4DA
  • Operates on 303 MHZ
  • Visor Holster and Clip included
  • Battery Pre-Installed. GDOR2B Remote uses minimal power consumption for extended battery life
  • Dimensions: 2-3/4" Tall x 1-3/4" Wide
Compatible with the following GDO Models(not all listed):
  • Core Series Model 315 - 1/2HP
  • Guardian Core Series Model 415, HP AC
  • Guardian Core series Model 425, HP AC
  • Executive Series 3/4HP - Guardian 600SL
  • Guardian Pro Series Model 615, HPe DC
  • Guardian Pro Series Model 628FCA, HPe DC, Music GDO
  • Lynx Residential Garage Door Openers Model 455 and the 455PLUS

Battery Replacement: part A23 (12 Volt)



How to Program the Guardian GDOR2B Two Button Garage Door Remote:

  1. Press the Learn button until the LED turns on.

  2. Press desired remote button.

  3. There will be two flashes of light and two beeps. The remote is now coded.
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COMMENT: lost my remote by George C 4/4/2016
COMMENT: lost garage door opener and needed replacement of the same kind. by David A 9/9/2014
QUESTION: I have three doors and four remotes. All the remotes are for the same two channels. How do I order a remote with a third channel/frequency? by aewood96789 a 2/28/2016
STAFF ANSWER: <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br /><br /><br />The link above should work. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: how do I program it ???? by Jay L 8/14/2015
ANSWER: You'll need a step ladder. Climb it up to your opener. Gently remove the back cover. There will be a "learn" button on the back of the opener.<br /><br />Press & hold "learn" button for 2 seconds and release. The LED light beside the button will go on. Then press the button on the transmitter remote for 1 second & release to activate it. The LED light on your garage door opener will flash, then go off. The transmitter is now programmed. It's very least it was for me.<br /><br />Actually, I programmed both buttons on the remote as I only have 1 double door. That way I can't miss. :- by Reed R a
QUESTION: What is the difference in the buttons? They will both open and close my garage door. I did not get a users manual with the remote. by Kelley H 4/4/2014
ANSWER: They are there in case you want to use the opener on two separate doors. I just programmed both of them to open/close the same door. by John P a
ANSWER: There is no difference unless you want to control more than one door. by Chuck O a
QUESTION: does it compatible with GUARDIAN 2211 L TX? by wendy z 3/10/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it is, we actually stock the units labeled Guardian. by Matthew O a
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