Replace your Manaras Opera commercial garage door operator's capacitor with a Manaras capacitor from North Shore Commercial Door. When your garage door opener motor won't start, replacing your capacitor is often the solution, since this electrical component of your operator helps start your motor and keep it running each day.

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Manaras Capacitors for Less

Replacing a commercial operator's capacitor is easy to accomplish without having to bring in a high-priced professional. Our discount-priced new Manaras Opera capacitors have sturdy covers engineered to protect all internal components.

The Manaras Opera CAPACITOR024 is a 50/60MHz garage door opener motor replacement capacitor from North Shore Commercial Door rated at 250 volts AC (VAC) and 70UF. Also known as model 024, this capacitor will fit intermittent-duty commercial- and industrial-duty door operator motors.

Our Manaras Opera CAPACITOR008R, also known as a Manaras 008R capacitor, is engineered to be compatible with 3/4HP (120/230VAC) and 1HP (20/230V) commercial operator motors. The Manaras 008R has a built-in bleeder resistor, which is a safety feature designed to lower voltage levels when the capacitor is not in use.

Replacing Motor Capacitors

One way to replace a capacitor is to loosen the screw holding the capacitor in place on your operator without fully removing it. By doing this, you can see where to re-connect the wires when you're ready to install the new part. Once you see how the wires are connected, you can remove the old capacitor and replace it with your new component.

Always confirm compatibility before ordering a Manaras Opera replacement capacitor. Refer to your owner's manual or, if you can't locate it, contact our in-house pros. We've been industry experts on commercial garage door, mini-warehouse and rolling steel door operators and parts for more than 35 years. We carry a complete line of Manaras garage door opener parts.