Card Readers

Touch-plate and mechanical card readers manufactured by Security Brands, formerly American Access Systems (AAS), are among the many Security Brands products available at North Shore Commercial Door. The touch-plate readers are made with a high grade stainless faceplate and a heavy metal, powder coated enclosure. Touch-plate card readers provide for a convenient way for employees to access secure areas of a business.

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Touch-plate readers feature a three strikes and you're out capability, programmable latch cards and programmable sleep cards. Special touch-plate cards must be used for these readers and these cards are also available for purchase in 50-card lots at our site. Touch plate cards differ from the mechanical insert cards that are used on mechanical card readers. Unlike touch plate cards that are used by touching the card to a face plate, mechanical cards are inserted into a slot in the card reader similar to how time cards are inserted into time clocks at businesses.

If the facility number that has been programmed onto the card matches the number on the reader, the security gate or door will open. If there is no match, the visitor will not have access to your location. Mechanical card readers cost less than there touch card counterparts and they represent a viable solution for business owners searching for a security solution that keeps operating costs down. If you have any questions about these Security Brands touch-plate and mechanical readers or their associated products, please feel free to contact our sales staff.