Chamberlain WD962KEVC WD962MLEVC Belt Drive

Chamberlain WD962KEVC WD962MLEVC Belt Drive
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When you see the part you're looking for in our illustrated diagram, it's easier to order the right replacement when repairing your Chamberlain belt drive garage door opener. These parts from North Shore Commercial Door are compatible with 3/4-horsepower MyQ-enabled Chamberlain model WD62KEVC and WD962MLEVC belt drive garage door operators. Using our illustrated guide, click on the number next to the part you want to place your order. We keep a huge inventory of discount-priced replacement parts, because we know you can save hundreds of dollars when you don't have to buy a new garage door opener.

We have replacement end panels with light sockets, sprockets and sprocket covers. Shop our motors, replacement logic boards and travel modules. Our Chamberlain-compatible LiftMaster brand 100-volt transformer is easy to install. The transformer is what keeps your garage door opener from getting too much or too little power, so replace faulty ones to prevent operation failures. We also carry garage door opener remote control replacement transmitters and batteries.