Chamberlain PD762EV Chain Drive

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We make DIY replacement of parts for your MyQ-enabled Chamberlain PD762EV chain drive garage door opener easy at North Shore Commercial Door. We have click-and-order illustrated diagrams that will allow you to choose just the parts you need. We offer low prices and superior customer service from our in-house experts on garage door opener parts and compatibility. We have PD762EV-compatible chain spreader sets, gear, capacitors and other parts that will work with your 3/4-horsepower Chamberlain chain drive garage door operator.

Replace your gear and sprocket assembly fast with our easy-install LiftMaster brand replacement parts designed to work with your PD762EV chain drive Chamberlain garage door opener. Keep in mind that you should disconnect all electric and battery power to your garage door opener before beginning repairs. To replace your garage door operator's travel module with our compatible unit, remove the light lens and cover, and then remove the wire harness and retainer clip that goes with your travel module. You can use the tip of your screwdriver to loosen the travel module from the bracket, remove it and replace it. Our Chamberlain-compatible LiftMaster 045ACT is a Security+ 2.0 receiver logic board replacement kit that is compatible with garage door operator models made after 2011.

Key Part # Description
1 41A5615 Liftmaster Chain Spreader Kit
2 41A5585 LiftMaster 41A5585 Gear and Sprocket Assembly
3 41A2817 Chamberlain LiftMaster 41A2817 Chain Drive Garage Door Opener Gear Kit
4 041D8129 LiftMaster 041D8129 Front end panel w/ all labels
5 175C0279 [Not Available] Light socket
6 108D79 Liftmaster 108D79 Lens Cover
7 30B532 Liftmaster 30B532 Capacitor - 1/2 HP
8 12A373 #9 Liftmaster 12A373 Capacitor bracket
9 041A7766 [Not Available] Universal motor
10 41D7742-5 Liftmaster 041D7742-5 Travel Module
11 041D8155 [Not Available] Cover
12 045ACT Liftmaster 045ACT Logic board
13 041D8128 [Not Available] Logic board end panel