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Clopay Garage Door Bottom Rubber Weather Seal

Clopay Garage Door Bottom Rubber Weather Seal
Clopay Garage Door Bottom Rubber Weather Seal
Clopay Garage Door Bottom Rubber Weather Seal
Clopay Garage Door Bottom Rubber Weather Seal
Clopay Garage Door Bottom Rubber Weather Seal
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Clopay Garage Door Bottom Rubber Weather Seal
Clopay Garage Door Bottom Rubber Weather Seal
Product Description
Product Description
Cloplay garage door bottom seals are in stock and ready to ship at North Shore Commercial Door Co. These Clopay "O" bottom seals feature a proprietary design and are only to be used on Clopay steel garage doors. The legs of the seal are "L" shaped and meet to slide in the same extrusion. When installed, the seal is bulb shaped. This weather seal is four inches wide and is made of durable, black EPDM synthetic rubber; components that make the seal excellent in extreme weather conditions.

This seal is designed for a Clopay garage door with a single channel for the seal. These seals are flat and fold in half. When installing, the two ends will meet in the center and slide down the single track. If you are not sure about the correct weather stripping for your Cloplay garage door, contact North Shore and the staff will be happy to assist you.
  • Sold by the foot - provide length desired (in feet) in box above
  • Made for Clopay steel garage doors
  • 4" in width - becomes bulb-shaped upon installation
  • Made of durable, black EPDM synthetic rubber
  • Excellent in extreme temperatures

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Clopay Garage Door Bottom Rubber Weather Seal Drawing

Installation Instructions for "Bulb" Shaped Astragal:

  1. Raise door to open position. Place “C” clamps in both tracks directly below the door and tighten.
  2. Remove old weather seal from bottom of the door section. It may be necessary to remove screws holding weather seal to retainer.
  3. Make a bulb shape from the flat strip of weather seal by curling the ends together. The top of the bulb will resemble a “T”.
  4. Insert “T” shape into retainer slot. See Fig 3. Slide the weather seal across the length of the door. NOTE: The weather seal will slide through the retainer slot easier if soapy water is applied.
  5. Cut off excess weather seal flush leaving two extra inches from the edge of door. Tuck extra weather seal into itself to allow for future shrinkage. If any screws were removed, replace now.
Clopay Garage Door Bottom Rubber Weather Seal Installation Instructions
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COMMENT: Your company Norshore was recommended by Copley Co. by Priscila G 10/5/2017
COMMENT: needed to replace existing seal by Rick S 10/4/2017
QUESTION: I need a bottom seal for a Clopay door, seal # CLO400. Do you have it? If so,How much? can you ship it to my house? by Terry G. M 12/2/2016
STAFF ANSWER: Please give us a call and we can help you ! 800-783-6112 by Taylor M a
QUESTION: how big is the bulb ? by larr a 9/20/2016
ANSWER: It's approximately 1-1/4 inches. by John m a
QUESTION: The gap at top of the door is way to wide for the weather seal how do i adjust the gap? by Steve D 7/16/2016
ANSWER: Normally the top gap is taken care of with track placement. If that's not the case here then you will have to adjust it some other way. by Karen L a
QUESTION: Does the seal come in light colors? by diane b 6/9/2016
ANSWER: As far as I know it comes in black - that's what I purchased. by Doris K a
STAFF ANSWER: No it does not just black by Taylor M a
ANSWER: It depends on which style you need. Some are black and some are light gray. by Byron L a
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