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Garage Door Weather Seals and Thresholds

Garage Door Weather Seals and Insulating Products

Why Are Weather Seals Important?

Inexpensive garage door weather seals from North Shore Commercial Door will reduce energy bills while protecting the contents of your garage from costly invasions of pests, dust, dirt, rain or flooding. These easy-to-install garage door bottom seals will block cold and hot drafts that can drive up your energy bills at your home or business. The tight seals block rodents and bugs.

Installing Weather Seals on a Garage Door

Types of Weather Seals

We negotiate lowest prices on all top brands for DIY garage door weather stripping for garage door bottoms, for top and side section seals, or to seal uneven thresholds. We let you order residential or commercial garage door weather stripping by the foot to avoid paying too much for what you don't need. Protect the contents of your commercial warehouses by sealing out pests and contaminants. Our residential garage door seals are the go-to choice to protect garages used for food storage, home workshops or kids' play areas.

We have Storm Shield thresholds for wood doors. Shop our low-cost warehouse-style weather seals, retainers, brush seals and brush seal kits, and commercial dock leveler seals. We have bulb-style seals and inflatable weather seals to create a seal on uneven garage floors. Shop top brands like Wayne Dalton, Xcluder and our own bargain-priced North Shore Commercial Door brand weather seals designed for multiple-brand compatibility. Our universal weather seal kits include installation hardware.

Bottom Seals

Brush Seals


Other Seals