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Clopay EZ-Set Extension Spring Kit

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Clopay’s EZ-Set Extension Springs are specially designed for DIY installation and repair of extension spring assemblies on residential garage doors. The EZ-Set extension spring system allows homeowners to remove and replace extension springs more easily and safely than standard garage door spring systems. This kit from North Shore Commercial Door includes all required hardware to install a new extension spring garage door assembly including: cable assemblies, pulleys, brackets, and more. Each Clopay EZ-Set extension kit comes with a specially designed spring and cable stretching unit to easily extend both garage door springs equally so the garage door is balanced and opens properly. The EZ-Set extension spring kit includes everything required for installation of extension spring assemblies, left and right extension springs not included. Kit Contents:
  • 2 spring stretching units
  • Cables assemblies and brackets
  • 2 3-inch pulleys
  • 1 pair of extension spring safety cables
  • Hardware kit: pulley forks, open eye bolts, 4 short bolts, 2 long bolts, 2 tek screws, 10 nuts, 2 washers, 1 hex key
Product Highlights:
  • Complete EZ-Set Extension Spring Installation Kit
  • Allows DIY installation and repair of extension spring style garage doors
  • Includes all necessary garage door hardware
  • Left and right extension springs not included
  • Single, double car, low headroom, and different door weight options available