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Our handy Come-Along Winch is a heavy-duty hand cable winch with a pulling capacity of 8,000 pounds (4 tons). Featuring high-strength, electro-plated steel parts, this hand cable winch is a great tool to have in your machine shop, farm or hobby shop as well as in your camping supply kit or emergency toolkit.

This hand cable winch features a long-lasting construction, with two one-piece aluminum alloy ratchet wheels and a galvanized, .25-inch aircraft cable. It's also built with drop-forged safety hooks and a non-slip, plastic grip for extra security. North Shore Commercial Door usually ships the Come-Along the next business day.
  • 8,000-pound rolling load pulling capacity
  • Cable lift length: 5-foot single line
  • High leverage ratio for easy operation
  • Automatic letdown safety catch
  • Two one-piece aluminum alloy ratchet wheels
  • High-strength, electro-plated steel parts
  • Galvanized, .25-inch aircraft cable
  • "Notch-at-a-time" letdown
  • Drop-forged steel safety hooks
  • Non-slip, plastic grip