Copperloy SED Model EOD Parts

Find the Copperloy edge-of-dock SED Series dock leveler parts you need at discount prices with fast shipping from North Shore Commercial Door. We also have clevis pins, rue rings, washers, hex nuts and other hardware by Copperloy to replace worn parts on your Copperloy SED Series dock leveler. These are OEM Copperloy parts and hardware backed by our money-back guarantee. If you receive a part, don't want it or change your mind, simply send it back.

We have replacement and extension springs for Copperloy SED dock leveler 20,000-lb. capacity and 30,000-lb. capacity models. Find new operator levers and complete Copperloy SED replacement kits. Our illustrated parts diagrams show you what parts look like and how they fit together on your EOD dock leveler by Copperloy. If you don't know the part number, the interactive diagram will reveal the part number when you position your mouse or laptop arrow over the part illustration.

KeyPart #Description
1 6063B01 Copperloy 6063B01 Link, lower, spring, EOD SED (2-Hole)
2 002-106 Copperloy 002-106 Pin, clevis, 3/4"x1-7/8"EL
3 002-110 Copperloy 002-110 Ring, rue, 3/4"HVY., 0.0915 Rue-36
4 5547BA Copperloy 5547BA Lever, Operating, EOD SED (Standard)
5 002-136 Copperloy 002-136 WSHR, FL, 1.238"x.821"x.123"THK
6 002-062 Copperloy 002-062 FTG, GRS, DR, Type, 3/16"
7 024-028 Copperloy 024-028 Nut, HX, 3/8"-16
8 002-144 Copperloy 002-144 WSHR, FL, FNDR, 2"ODx13/32"ID., 0.180TK
9 002-143 Copperloy 002-143 SCR., HH, GR2, 3/8"-16x5" full thread
10 5545B01 Copperloy 5545B01 Shaft, spring, 3/4"dia. X 12"
11 002-065 Copperloy 002-065 Pin, spring, roll, 3/16" x 1-1/2"
12 5803B02 Copperloy 5803B02 Link, upper, spring, EOD SED (3-Hole)
13 20K Capacity
5539B01 Copperloy 5539B01 Spring, extension, 0.362" wire dia.
30K Capacity
5539B02 Copperloy 5539B02 Spring, extension, 0.362" wire dia.
14 6062BA Copperloy 6062BA Link, upper, toggle EOD SED
15 5802B01 Copperloy 5802B01 Link, toggle EOD SED
16 5881A01 Copperloy 5881A01 Spring, extension, 1"dia.
17 5553A01 Copperloy 5553A01 Link spring, connector
18 5837A01 Copperloy 5837A01 Link spring, connector
19 002-107 Copperloy 002-107 Pin, clevis, 1/2"dia. X 2"lg.
20 002-109 Copperloy 002-109 Ring, rue, 1/2"HVY, 0.072" rue-24
21 014-009 Copperloy 014-009 Nut, HX, Lock, STV, 1/4"-20
22 002-069 Copperloy 002-069 SCR, HH, GR5, 1/4"-20x1-3/4"
23 5929BA Copperloy 5929BA Lever, operating, EOD, Removable (Optional)
24 002-130 Copperloy 002-130 Pin, SPRG, Roll, 5/32"dia. X 1" Plain
25 6174B01 Copperloy 6174B01 EOD, SED, Plate CAM
* 6507AA Copperloy 6507AA SED KIT