Digi-Code Receivers

Digi-Code radio receivers for gate and garage door openers are compatible with Multi-Code and Stanley garage door opener systems (1982-2011). Choose the receiver below that matches the voltage and transmitting frequency of your system for a simple replacement of the receiver on your old garage door opener. These receivers offer 1024 codes. The three-terminal garage door opener receivers are designed for easy connection to your existing system.  

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North Shore Commercial Door is your go-to destination for garage door Digi-Code receivers. Digi-Code is a trusted brand known for its reliable and high-performance receivers. North Shore’s selection includes a wide range of Digi-Code receiver models to suit your specific needs 

Whether you're looking for a single-channel or multi-channel receiver, we have you covered. Upgrade your garage door with a reliable Digi-Code receiver from North Shore Commercial Door. Browse our selection today and enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that comes with a trusted brand. Contact us at 440-365-5707 or email us at support@northshorecommercialdoor.com if you have any questions or need assistance. Elevate your garage door experience with Digi-Code receivers from North Shore Commercial Door!