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DoorKing Inc. 1504-086 Stand Alone Digital LIGHTED Keypad w/ Intercom Sub - 1000 Mem Cpty - SURFACE

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The easy-install DoorKing 1504-086 stand-alone digital lighted keypad with intercom substation from North Shore Commercial Door allows voice communications when connected to a master intercom station. This one-unit keypad plus intercom substation can be used almost anywhere a digital code entry system for doors or gates is needed, from parking garages and gated communities to self-storage, apartment/condo complexes, dorm halls, and commercial facilities.

The 1504-086 DoorKing intercom can be used for one or two gates or doors. The EEPROM memory feature keeps codes intact during power outages. The "hold" code can latch open a door or gate. Individual codes can be added or deleted from the keypad, or a DoorKing smartphone app, on a system with a power supply included. The unit has a metal faceplate, metal keypad, and sturdy metal housing.

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Product Highlights:

  • 1504-086
  • Intercom substation + lighted keypad in one unit
  • Use for one or two doors or gates
  • 1,000-code memory capacity
  • EEPROM backup system won't lose codes during power outages
  • The intercom substation connects to the master intercom station for voice communications
  • Check for compatibility with the existing master intercom
  • Sturdy metal housing, lighted keypad, faceplate
  • Add or delete PIN codes from the keypad or DoorKing smartphone app
  • Energy-saving LED lighting