DoorKing Inc. Gate Operator Accessories

Prevent accidents and protect your DoorKing commercial or residential gate operator with DoorKing gate operator accessories from North Shore Commercial Door. We have DoorKing EMX universal safety photo beam systems and DoorKing's IRB-RET retro-reflective photo beam sensors with long-range detection capabilities. Operate your gate operator from inside your facility with DoorKing's three-button interior control station. This easy-installation control station has color-coded open, close, and stop functions available at the touch of a button.

DoorKing-compatible Miller Edge prime-guard wireless through-beam photo eyes for commercial gate openers will guard hazardous zones and other areas by monitoring for obstructions. These photo safety beams will either stop or stop and reverse a gate operator when the photoelectric eyes sense an obstruction. The battery-operated emitting unit eliminates the need to install wiring. To allow fire department personnel and other designated outsiders to temporarily enter your secured facility, the DoorKing fire department/standard padlock lock box is a stand-alone unit that can use standard or fire department padlocks.

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