DoorKing Inc. Maximum Security Accessories

North Shore Commercial Door has OEM accessories for your DoorKing maximum-security gate operators or barrier gates at North Shore Commercial Door. Control maximum-security vehicular access gates from inside a prison, airport, or another high-security facility with an inside manual control station. The DoorKing interior control station allows manual control of the gate operator to open, close or stop the movement of the operator. This three-button station is easily installed, requiring only three wires.

North Shore also carries fire department-access lock boxes that won't compromise your maximum-security system. These lock boxes allow the use of fire department padlocks to enter the facility. When they leave the facility, the gate operator closes when the lockbox is closed.

You can also shop our discount-priced DoorKing maximum-security vehicular slide gate operators. These gate openers have anti-tailgating circuits and adjustable partial-open devices designed to help prevent unauthorized vehicle access at your facility. Security is not compromised during power outages, because this operator can be manually operated with a crank. Also, shop our DoorKing telephone entry access systems and accessories for other facilities that do not require maximum-security safeguards.

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