DoorKing Inc. Telephone Accessories

Find the telephone entry system accessories you need for your DoorKing flush-mount or surface-mount telephone access systems when you shop North Shore Commercial Door. We carry authentic DoorKing accessories that enhance telephone access entry systems installed for your home, small business, condo, gated community, or apartment building. We have add-on directories for your surface-mount telephone access entry systems. Choose units that add 20 names, 60 names, or 200 names and telephone numbers. 

If you want more visibility at night, North Shore sells discount-priced DoorKing LED light kits. These environmentally friendly outdoor lighting kits will provide increased lighting at night for your telephone entry system. We also have DoorKing padlock lock boxes that allow fire department personnel and other designated users access to properties by opening gates and doors. These secured fire department/standard lock boxes are sturdy and intuitive. The gate or door will close when the key is returned to the lock box and the lock box door is closed.

North Shore Commercial Door prides itself on quality customer service and providing the best and most complete product information to its customers. Contact us at 800-783-6112, or email with any questions.