DoorKing Inc. Traffic Control Accessories

Improve the operations of your DoorKing vehicular traffic control gate operators with DoorKing traffic control accessories from North Shore Commercial Door. To help prevent expensive damage to your barrier gate arms, the DoorKing breakaway hardware kit allows installation of an aluminum lighted or non-lighted arm that will move away, and then return to its original position, when a vehicle strikes the commercial barrier gate arm.

North Shore also sells fire department padlock lock boxes that allow firefighters to open a gate operator without compromising the security of your vehicular gate opener system. These lock boxes can accommodate fire department padlocks. When the lockbox is activated, the gate operator opens. Returning firefighters can re-secure the property when they return and close the lock box, which will automatically re-position the gate operator's arms. When you need a new vehicle traffic gate opener or barrier gate, we offer lower prices and a no-questions-asked guarantee on all DoorKing accessories and operators.

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