EMX Automatic Door Sensors

EMX Industries Inc. automatic door sensors from North Shore Commercial Door are engineered for commercial facility doors and industrial gates. These are easily programmed motion detection sensors that can be installed on a wall or ceiling to detect movements of pedestrians and vehicles.

EMX HAWK 2 Sensors

Our discount-priced EMX HAWK 2 automatic door sensor uses advanced K-band planar microwave technology for high coverage area resolution. Install the EMX HAWK 2 model door or gate sensor up to 20 ft. above your gate or door.

The IP 65-rated sensor enclosure protects against water, dust and oil. It's ideal for fast gates and doors.

EMX RAVEN Motion Sensors

EMX Industries' RAVEN microwave motion sensor is a compact commercial or industrial use sensor that's ideal for monitoring doors, gates or other entry ways at parking garages, car wash facilities, cold storage warehouses and automotive shops.

The EMX RAVEN has a detection range of up to 16 ft. by 26 ft. You can program settings on this sensor to filter out pedestrian or vehicle cross-traffic.

With its 26 ft. cable, you can mount the RAVEN motion sensor at heights up to 23 ft. The IP 67-rated waterproof housing protects against dust and dirt, and it will keep working for 30 minutes under up to a meter of water.

To program the RAVEN, use the EMX Ravel remote control transmitter. This programming remote control includes a built-in locking feature to lock the sensor between programming sessions. Your chosen code must be entered to make changes to the sensor's detection settings.

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