EMX Keypad and Card Readers

EMX Keypads and Card Readers have become the choice of security professionals worldwide. Whether installed in extreme climate conditions or inside a building, EMX Keypads and Card Readers are unsurpassed in their ability to tolerate virtually any environment. North Shore Commercial Door is proud to offer EMX products as we feel they are the best on the market.

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Operators of gated residential communities or large businesses that have gates for security purposes should invest in the EMX CR-2000 Waterproof Wiegand Card Reader and Keypad. The CR-2000 provides secure access for up to 2,000 users by way of pass cards and/or individual pass codes.  

Use any phone to open and close a gate or garage door with EMX’s CellOpener-365 GSM Access Control System. The GSM access control system allows up to 2000 registered users to operate any garage door or gate using their phone with no cost for the call to the user. 

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