EMX Vehicle Motion Detectors

EMX vehicle motion detectors have advanced components to detect and respond to unauthorized vehicles and people. Like North Shore Commercial Door, EMX is a trusted American-owned company with headquarters in in our company's home state of Ohio. Our EMX vehicle motion detectors from North Shore Commercial Door reflect the best in EMX technology to protect your business or industrial site. They are available in models for above-ground or below-ground installation. The EMX CS101-LV CarSense 101 vehicle motion detector works with EMX buried sensing probes, which you can also purchase on this website, to protect against vandalism and unauthorized access attempts by vehicles or people. The compact housing makes it easy to use with your parking barrier gate or overhead door, and security control boards. The EMX USVD-4X drive-through vehicle sensor is designed for fast-food restaurants, bank branches, car washes and other businesses with drive-through operations. This sensor requires no vehicle loop detectors. It's equipped with EMX's proprietary TPA (triangular planar array) vehicle scanning technology, and can be mounted on a post or other above-ground location. We also have EMX vehicle sensing device equipped with "magnet-o-resistive" technology that can measure the Earth's magnetic field as part of its internal vehicle sensor scanning components.

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